Engineered Timber Solutions

Timber Barron has been involved with the supply of many Glulam and LVL Projects over the past 5 years, with our experienced manufacturers we can achieve the highest of quality with the flexibility to produce almost anything that you require.

The flexibility of Engineered Timber Products allows your imagination to run wild with large span trusses, curved beams and a beautiful natural finish or a simple prime and paint.

We have the expertise to provide design, span and strength advice through qualified Engineers and Archtiects.

Glulam – Laminated Timber Beams

Laminated Timber Beams is a way of manufacturing timber elements that cannot be easily sourced in solid sawn timber due to large size or unusual shape. The process involves bonding together multiple sections of timber in order to create a single, stronger, straighter and higher rated beam. 

Glulam is used for a range of purposes from joinery timber through to large span structural beams. Large glulam beams can often be seen in churches, swimming pool or sports/community hall roofs. Basically wherever a steel or concrete structure is needed for a building, glulam could also be used.

LVL – Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL is produced in a similar way to Plywood, bonding together rotary peeled, thinly sliced wood veneers under heat and pressure. This allows a strong product that can be built in dimensions not possible with a standard timber beam.

The main benefit of LVL is the controlled conditions under which it is manufactured, allowing a straight, strong and uniform product to your custom specifications that will not move or warp over time like traditional timber beams.

Treatment Options

  • Untreated
  • CCA Treated
  • LOSP Treated

Treatment Information