Handiply - Non-Structural

Handiply plywood is a range of plywood products comprising both structurally rated and Non Structural plywood. Handiply structural plywood products provide economy and are suitable for a wide range of uses and applications. Where structural plywood and sheet appearance is critical we recommend the use of Ecoply® or Shadowclad® branded structural plywood be selected for use.

Handiply Non Structural plywood is a range of plywood products specifically produced for Non Structural, non load bearing applications or applications where compliance with NZ Building Code is not required.

Non Structural Square Edge

Handiply Non Structural Square Edged plywood forms part of our non certified Non Structural Grade of plywood. Non Structural plywood has a range of uses throughout the building industry, particularly where structural characteristics are not required. It is available in a range of thicknesses from 7mm to 19mm and in untreated and treated H3.2 CCA Common uses include temporary hoardings, non structural packaging, dog kennels, letter boxes, doll houses, landscaping fencing, formwork for paths and driveways, making furniture or toys, temporary weatherproofing for damaged building for example.

  • Manufactured from sustainably grown NZ plantation pine
  • Similar appearance to CD face grade but may have open face knots
  • Edge Profile: Square Edge
  • Sheet thicknesses: 7 / 12 / 15/ 17 / 19mm
  • Sheet dimensions: 2400 × 1200mm
  • Available untreated and H3.2 CCA treated
  • Low formaldehyde emission (E0)
  • FSC™ certified (SCS-COC-001316) upon request

Utilityclad Texture & Texture Groove

Utilityclad (commonly referred to as Down Grade Plywood Cladding, Downgrade or Seconds Cladding,) is a band sawn plywood panel sourced from downgraded Shadowclad® exterior cladding. Utilityclad Groove product features a 9mm wide, 5mm deep at 150mm centres groove profile. Utilityclad is not suitable as an exterior cladding where a high level of visual finish and/ or compliance with NZ Building Code clause E2 is required.

Recommended cladding applications include but are not limited to: Sheds & Barns, Farm Buildings, General Utility Buildings

  • Manufactured from sustainably grown NZ plantation pine
  • Available Un-Grooved or  with a Groove profile features grooves 9 mm wide, 5 mm deep at 150 mm centres
  • Sheet thicknesses: 12mm (nominal)
  • Sheet dimensions: 2440 / 2745 x 1216mm All sheets feature a shiplap joint on long sheet sides – (actual effective sheet width is 1200mm)
  • Available H3.2 CCA treated or LOSP treated (subject to availability)
  • Low formaldehyde emission (E0)
  • FSC™ certified (SCS-COC-001316) upon request

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